Quotes of the Week


“To me, this doesn't take any time or consideration. If he doesn't disqualify himself, this will cast a dark shadow over the entire day of golf, over this entire event, but more importantly over his entire career, for the rest of his life.” – Brandel Chamblee, calling for Tiger Woods to withdraw after a bizarre situation unfolded following Tiger Woods’ drop on the 15th hole during the second round of the Masters. Woods’ drop was initially ruled OK, but upon further review it was determined that he took an illegal drop and was assessed a two-stroke penalty – instead of being disqualified – because of the way it played out.

“He should really sit down and think about this, and the mark this will leave on his career, his legacy, everything. I think Tiger would gain massive brownie points if he stood up and said, ‘You know, you're right, guys, I clearly have broken the rules, and I'll walk. I'll see you next week.’” – Sir Nick Faldo, agreeing that Woods should withdraw.

“I don’t agree with that. If that’s the case, you have to have that argument on every single rules infraction. Maybe two shots isn’t enough; maybe it should be four, maybe it should be six. I’m not the one to decide that.” – Frank Nobilo, disagreeing with the assessment that Woods should withdraw from the tournament.

“Once you sign the scorecard, typically you would be disqualified. The loophole is this new rule. If we didn't have this new rule, then he would definitely have to be disqualified. Is there leeway, are they using this rule to kind of move a different way? Yes. But they have that right.” – Tripp Isenhour, on how the relatively new rule leaves incidents open for interpretation, and ultimately allowed Tiger Woods to remain in the Masters.

“Under the Rules of Golf, I’m abiding by the rules. They made the determination that nothing had happened yesterday. It was certainly a distraction early. Just like anything, it happens, you move on. I was ready to play come game time.” – Woods, on the two-stroke penalty he was assessed for an illegal drop. He went on to say he never considered withdrawing.

“I never really had a conversation with Tiger that lasted more than a minute or two – ever.” – Jack Nicklaus, on his relationship with Woods.

“We have had more conversations at the Presidents Cup and at the Memorial (Nicklaus’ tournament in Ohio), but he’s right. We haven’t spent that much time together. At tournaments, like this week, it’s tough and he knows that.” – Woods, again, responding to Nicklaus’ comment.

“Oh, I hit it. The whole goal was not to whiff it.” – Nicklaus, again, on his ceremonial first tee shot on Thursday at the Masters.

“I wouldn't think that would be something I would do. I'm very happy and very honored to be one of the first (female) members. That wouldn't be my role there. I'm a member. I'm not an advocate, I'm a member.” – Darla Moore, to MSNBC, along with Condeleezza Rice, are the first female members at Augusta National. Moore was asked if she would push for more female members at the club.

“This isn't going to end up pretty, I don't think. I'm sick. I'm sick for him. He's 14 years old ... when you get the wind blowing out here, believe me, you're going to change your mind a lot.” – Ben Crenshaw, on the slow-play penalty assessed to playing partner Tianlang Guan in the second round of the Masters.

“I want to win a major, and hopefully I can win the four majors in one year.” – Guan, 14, on his long-term goals.

“I’ve spent 32 years of my life preparing for tomorrow. I’m going to be disappointed if I don’t win. Period.”Brandt Snedeker, on his mindset entering the final round of the Masters tied for the lead with Angel Cabrera.