Randy Orton RKOs golfer, everyone in latest viral trend


This is just barely related to golf - which is good enough for us.

We imagine the pro wrestling-golf crossover crowd consists of only about handful of us - all of whom probably work somewhere in this office - so we'll give you a little background.

We previously brought you this poor soul's attempt at golf in an edition of #EpicFailFriday. Thanks to someone out there with too much much time on their hands doing the Lord's work, we now have an updated video complete with Randy Orton.

If you're unfamiliar, Orton is a 12-time WWE champion who is currently taking over the Internet by "RKO"-ing everyone in sight. The RKO is basically a jumping neckbreaker, or for the uninitiated, where one guy jumps up and the other guy falls over. Here's one of the all-time bests:

Orton's been doing the move to great fanfare for about a decade, but it took until today for someone to photoshop him into nearly every available Vine of random people falling over, all of which has been rounded up neatly in this YouTube compilation:

We already have #WomanCrushWednesday, #TrickShotThursday and #EpicFailFriday. Welcome to #RandyOrtonTuesday, which has absolutely no alliteration in its title, because Randy Orton is so over alliteration.