Saints' Brees may plan vasectomy around Masters


As long as sporting events have been televised, men have found reasons to put off their chores and resposibilities to watch them. But this excuse from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees may take the cake.

Brees and his wife, Brittany, welcomed Callen, their fourth child and first girl, to the world on Monday.

Once the initial "aww" factor wore off, the Super Bowl winning QB revealed that the Brees family may have reached their limit on kids, and is concocting a plan that combines capping their offspring at three boys and a girl with watching next year's Masters.

"I think I'm done. I might have to follow (radio voice of the New Orleans Saints) Jim Henderson's recommendation from the (New Orleans Touchdown Club) luncheon (last week). ... He was saying the 'V' word was next for me," Brees told "Vasectomy. We've got some football games to win first. And then as I've been told by those who have experienced it, do it Saturday before the final round of the Masters so I've got an excuse to sit around and watch it."

If that's way too much information for you, welcome to the club. Don't stay tuned because their won't be any further updates on this developing story.