Side of Golf's Most Interesting Man we haven't seen


We know Miguel Angel Jimenez takes his stretching seriously. We know he's serious about his cigar smoking and his fine wine consumption. For proof of two of those three, look no further than the first tee on Sunday at this year's Ryder Cup. He was merely an assistant captain, yet his cigar-smoking-while-stretching performance was one of the best and most memorable performances of the week.

We know that Jimenez character very well, but on Wednesday, we became privy to another side of Golf's Most Interesting Man that we haven't seen before - the upside down Jimenez.

The European Tour posted this tweet to their account in advance of this week's BMW Masters, showing him "hanging out" with some trainers. 

The weights in the gym may be heavy, but the 50-year-old Spaniard keeps the mood light.

Add this to the very long list of reasons why you should want to "hang" with Jimenez.