Sir Alex tells Willett: 'I had eight grand on Spieth'


Sir Alex Ferguson, the long-time manager of Manchester United in the English Premier League, was "delighted" to "throw away" "eight grand" Sunday at the Masters.

The video above from the BBC captures the following conversation between Fergie and green jacket winner Danny Willett at Willett's victory party on Sunday night:

Ferguson: "I had eight grand on Spieth."

Willett: "Oh, sorry." [laughing maniacally]

Ferguson: "I'm so delighted. I'm so delighted, honestly. Happy to throw it away."

Willett: "Exactly. You need to know where to put your money."

Ferguson: "Well done."

It's unclear whether that "eight grand" was $8,000 or £8,000, which would up the bet to $11,411.52.

Either way, the exchange was part of a longer victory celebration for Willett, which appears to have ended with Willett and his manager Chubby Chandler making likely very little sense: