Spurrier undefeated against players on course


It's tough to beat a Steve Spurrier-coached team on the football field, but apparently it's even more difficult to beat the Old Ball Coach on the golf course.

According to an ESPN.com report, the 69-year-old coach and avid golfer has never been beaten by one of his players across 18 holes. In more than three decades of coaching college football at Duke, Florida and South Carolina, many challengers have come and gone, but the record of the coach remains unblemished.

The key to Spurrier's run of dominance on the links? Each player gets only one shot to take him down.

"All of them say, 'Coach, when are we going to play again?'" said Spurrier, who has coached at South Carolina since 2005. "I say, 'No, no, you had your chance.'"