Student banned from golf team for passing classes too quickly


A North Carolina high school senior has been barred from playing for school's golf team because of his academics. But it's not for the reason you'd typically think.

According to Greensboro's FOX 8 News, Joe Gesell of Page High School in Greensboro, N.C., doubled up on classes his first three years of school, leaving him with just one credit to take during his senior campaign. Even though he is supplementing his schedule with classes at a nearby community college, Gesell isn't eligible for high school golf because the North Carolina High School Athletic Association doesn't count college classes as eligible credits.

"I was looking forward to playing on our team this year," Gesell said to FOX 8. "I feel like we're going to have a really good team and a really good chance to make it to states, and not being able to do that, it's a big blow. It kind of sucks."

Gessell's father, Mike, was a little tougher on the NCHSAA and sounded like someone hoping they'd revisit the policy using a little more common sense.

"He went above and beyond and yet now you're going to abandon him and leave him to not participate and not support his school after he did everything right?" he said. "That's what really stinks."