Things to do at the PGA: Louisville Slugger Museum


LOUISVILLE, Ky. – I’m not a baseball guy. I’m not a museum guy. But for me, the Louisville Slugger Museum was like a crazy, sports-themed version of “Captain Planet.” Somehow, when those powers combined, it created a fantastic experience, equal parts historic and awesome.

Any sports nut would appreciate this place. There’s statistics, relics of old bats, memorabilia, wax statues, etc. You can check out images of the museum by clicking here or on the image below, but the real fun is on the tour, which of course, they don’t let you take cameras on.

While the bats are made by machines in seconds these days, they still have a guy on staff who can make them by hand, and he proved it. With a bare piece of wood spinning a million miles per hour (or so) centimeters from his fingertips, this guy calmly shaved it down into a bat fit for professional use, sending wood chips flying in and around tour goers’ faces. Suffice it to say, it wasn't his first time. He’s been there since 1969 and used to make bats for Hank Aaron.

They also go into more details than any regular Joe knows or needs to know about making bats, like types of wood, different finishes and techniques.

All of this is a long way of saying – if you’re ever in Louisville, like say, for a PGA Championship, this is a place you should check out. Also, it didn’t hurt that there was the magical elixir known as an open bar for this special occasion. If you have the choice, this option comes highly recommended by the Grill Room as well.