Top quotes from Tiger in 2012


'Nicklaus.'Tiger Woods, when asked to identify the greatest golfer in history. His reasoning? Because Woods is 'four majors back.'

'Nobody in the history of the game has been better at putting themselves in contention to win a major than Jack. You finish with 37 top-2s, you’re going pretty good.' – Woods, on Jack Nicklaus' phenomenal record of  18 wins and 19 runner-up finishes in major championships.

'I believe it's the art of controlling the body and club and swinging the pendulum motion. That's how it should be played. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to that.' – Woods, speaking out against the belly putter. He believes one’s putter should be the shortest club in the bag.

'I think it's unprofessional and very disappointing, especially because it's someone I worked with and trusted as a friend.' – Woods, on his distaste for Hank Haney and his decision to write a book about the six years they spent working together.

'If you think about it, with Butch (Harmon) it took me two years, and with Hank (Haney), it took me almost two years before old patterns are out. It takes time to get rid of old patterns. It takes hundreds of thousands, if not millions of golf balls, but eventually it comes around. I've had my share of successes, and I know it's coming.' – Woods, who began working with Sean Foley before the 2010 PGA Championship.

''I find it interesting since they're not in my head. They must have some kind of superpowers I don't know about.' – Woods, responding to Brandel Chamblee and Nick Faldo's negative comments on the state of his game.

''To do it here, Jack watching on the last hole ... he means a lot to all of us as players. We all looked up to him, and he's the greatest champion that's ever lived.'' – Woods, on winning the Memorial Tournament and tying tournament host Nicklaus’ record for second on the all-time PGA Tour win list with No. 73.

'You can have so many different weather conditions. You just don't know. That's one of the unique things about the British Open and why it's my favorite major championship.' – Woods, on what makes the season's third major special.

'He's got all the talent in the world to do what he's doing. When he gets it going, he's impressive to watch.' – Woods, on Rory McIlroy's record-breaking eight-shot victory at the PGA Championship.

'Absolutely. I just need a lot more money. My teams are the Lakers, Dodgers and Raiders, so I’ve got to play really well.' – Woods, when asked if he would like to someday be an owner of a professional franchise.

'I’m not young anymore. I’m one of the older guys. It’s nice to get a little bit of rest.' – Woods, on the decision to have him sit out a session for the first time in his Ryder Cup career.