Unsuccessful trick shot nails guy in back of head


Trick shots. Sometimes they work, more often they don't. Here's one of the don't moments.

If I could list the elements wrong with this trick shot here’s how they would rank:

1. Golf tees should never be placed in the below-the-belt region, “bottom” line.

2. The towel is a waste. If you’re laying on the ground for a trick shot, you should be brave enough to face a few grass stains.

3. Simply removing his hat could’ve provided crucial inches of head safety space.

4. The skills required to pull off a trick shot are the same skills used on a golf course. Judging from this guy’s execution, he’s ten worm-burners away from shooting 100. Next time, he better make sure he can break 80 before attempting a shot so risky.

Headaches aside, got to give these guys credit for sharing this unfortunate lesson with the Internet.