Video: Nats' Harper goes 'Gilmore' on 340-yard drive


Bryce Harper is a two-time Major League Baseball all-star, a one-time Home Run Derby finalist, and more often than not he can't hit the ball 340 feet.

Of course, golf balls don't sink or cut at 90 mph, which explains why he can hit one of those 340 yards.

Harper, the Washington Nationals' 22-year-old outfielder, posted the following video of this apparently successful Happy Gilmore attempt to Instagram on Saturday:

The ball appears to go way right off the club face, and both Harper and one of his playing partners appear to be looking right, too.

Still, Harper followed up with this picture and caption: "Aftermath of the video in my last post..340 yards! Why not? What's up Happy Gilmore #leftygolf."

As a disgruntled Phillies fan who generally fails at all Gilmore-esque attempts, everything about this bothers me.