Walker's astrophotography honored for third time


Third time's a charm, and at this point an almost absolute certainty for Jimmy Walker

Walker has three victories on the PGA Tour this season, three top 10s in this year's majors, three Nationwide Tour wins before making it to the big leagues and now, thanks to the image below, he has captured NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day honor for the third time.

We're awaiting confirmation, but we're pretty sure at this very moment he's rounding third and heading home, where he plans on relaxing with his favorite book "Three Blind Mice" and a nice Three Olives cocktail.  

The picture, entitled "NGC 7023: The Iris Nebula," includes the explanation, "These clouds of interstellar dust and gas have blossomed 1,300 light-years away in the fertile star fields of the constellation Cepheus. Sometimes called the Iris Nebula, NGC 7023 is not the only nebula in the sky to evoke the imagery of flowers, though. Still, this deep telescopic view shows off the Iris Nebula's range of colors and symmetries in impressive detail."

If you didn't understand most of those words, we're right there with you, but the Grill Room Team is happy to bring you the explanation in layman's terms - "it looks cool."

Pining for more of Walker's astrophotography? You're in luck. He posts all of his photos on his blog. Spoiler alert: they all look cool.