Watch: Guy uses friend as wall for running flop shot


Two guys just aced the ultimate golf trust test.

Tom Kocks, men’s assistant golf coach at Indiana Tech, and his buddy, Andy Mauch, had a little fun while practicing at Brookwood Golf Club in Fort Wayne, Ind., on Tuesday.

Kocks posts numerous “trick shot Tuesday” videos, but this one takes the cake. Kocks is seen running at his friend - Happy Gilmore style - before taking a full swing. Mauch stands unflinching, eyes closed, as the ball misses his face by a foot and whizzes into the air. 

“I just felt like hitting a flop shot so I told [my buddy] to stand in front of me and we pulled it off,” Kocks told Golf Channel.

It is unclear how many practice attempts were required to pull off this risky flop shot. Either Kocks is excellent with his wedges or his friend has a very high pain tolerance. Either way, we think the confidence and trust demonstrated by this duo would make a great match play team.

Warning: Do not try this at home!

Happy Gilmore short game. #trickshottuesday

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