Webb Simpson: PGA Tour pro, horrible dancer


The Electric Slide. The Chicken Dance. The Cupid Shuffle. The YMCA. The Wobble. 

It takes something really special to convince a bunch of strangers to hop around in unision to a catchy beat. New dances are not added to this group all willy-nilly. It takes planning, patience and majority vote from the revered National Dancing Council members.

After watching this video of Webb Simpson and his looper, Paul Tesori, doing the "Caddie Dance" at a recent wedding, I think it's safe to say it will not be joining the esteemed group listed above.

Webb Simpson / Paul Tesori Caddie Dance from Michelle Tesori on Vimeo.

The "Caddie Dance," according to the video uploaded by Tesori's wife, Michelle, contains such timeless moves known as "checking the yardage," "throwing the grass," "pulling the club" and "carrying the bag." We might as well go ahead and add "averting your eyes."

In conclusion, do not do this dance.