What's in the bag: Kate Rose gives us the 'inside' scoop


ORLANDO, Fla. - We more-or-less know the contents of PGA Tour players' bags - clubs, balls, gloves, tees ... you get the point - but what's inside the bags of the players' wives?

Kate Rose, wife of reigning U.S. Open champ Justin, was on-site at Bay Hill this week and gave the Grill Room the 'inside' scoop.



"I’m a minimalist," Kate said, referring to the contents of her Kate Spade purse she sported Friday at Bay Hill. "I have my phone, my badge and my driver’s license, credit card, a little photo of my son because we just had to redo his passport because he just turned five, and a lip balm. And a water, which doesn’t fit in my bag, but I’m always with a water."

On her personalized iPhone case, Kate said, "It’s over a year old. It was taken January last year, so it’s very outdated, but it was given to me as a gift and I love it. It makes it easy to take photos of my kids because they’re looking at themselves and it makes it easier to get them to smile."