What's in the bag: Keegan's girlfriend gives 'inside' scoop


AVONDALE, La. –  We more-or-less know the contents of PGA Tour players' bags - clubs, balls, gloves, tees ... you get the point - but what's inside the bags of the players' wives and girlfriends?

Jillian Stacey, long-time girlfriend of Keegan Bradley, flew to New Orleans Sunday morning to surprise Keegan for his final round, which he began two shots back of 54-hole leader Seung-Yul Noh.

"I flew in about two hours ago," Stacey said. "I surprised him, he didn’t know, so he’s really excited."

So were we - excited, that is - to learn what's in Jillian's bag. She gave the Grill Room the 'inside' scoop.

"I like the smaller purses that I can kind of throw over my shoulder," Stacey said of her cross body Louis Vuitton bag.

As for what's inside, she said, “This is ridiculous. I have four lip glosses. No, wait, three, I lied. Gum, a little bronzer, car keys and that’s about it. The essentials.”

Whether or not Bradley has the Zurich Classic in the bag remains to be seen, but he came from behind in all three of his previous Tour wins. So the good news is that he has history, and now his girlfriend, on his side.