Wie in NYC: I've won some money off Jordan


Michelle Wie is making the rounds in New York City on Tuesday, appearing on some of the nation's most popular radio and television shows in the wake of her major breakthough at the U.S. Women's Open over the weekend. One of the more interesting tidbits came in an impromptu interview however, when TMZ caught up with her on the street. After some chit-chat about her victory meal (it was a steak in case you were interested) and her now infamous twerking celebration, the guy behind the camera starts with the hard-hitting investigative questions ... like how much money she's won off her neighbor Michael Jordan on the golf course and how to get an invite to one of his parties.

After Sunday's celebration went viral, we're pretty sure Michelle has an open invitation to any and all parties she want's to attend. Even one hosted by His Airness.