Video: Woman makes ace during first golf lesson


In golf, aces come once in a blue moon and provide a sought-after checkmark to one’s life resume.

If you are a golfer, you’ve undeniably been asked if you’ve had a hole-in-one. What club did you use? How long was the yardage? Telling the story becomes second nature and you’re proud to share it.

While many of the world’s most skilled golfers have yet to join the hole-in-one ranks, one woman achieved the feat during her very first lesson.

English teaching pro, Emma Brown, says she was giving her best friend a lesson on the par-3 course at Kendleshire Golf Club in Bristol. After swinging, the group watches the woman’s ball roll down the fairway and miraculously hit the flagstick. The woman stands in disbelief before dropping her club to run to check the cup.

The emotions are all-too familiar for those of us who have witnessed or made an ace. Cheers to this lucky lady who could quit today and have one of the best golf stories in history.