Hank Haneys Blog Entry 2


Thanks to everyone for watching the first episode of this year’s Haney Project with Rush Limbaugh. The ratings for the first show were great. They were the highest ratings for The Haney Project since the first show we did with Charles Barkley.

The second episode was a real treat to film because we were on the Big Island of Hawaii. We got to do a lot of great things for the show and I definitely feel like this year’s show is really shaping up to be special. First, Rush and I played a round of golf with his friends at the Hualalai Resort. One of the guys in the group was George Brett, the Hall of Fame baseball player. George is a great guy and a really good golfer as well. That round of golf was an enlightening experience. Getting to watch Rush play 18 holes of golf was something that as a teacher I don’t often get to do before we really start to work. What I saw was that Rush had a lot of potential and at the same time a lot of work to do.  After we played at Hualalai I persuaded Rush to go to the practice range and that was a big step in itself. The next day we went to Kukio to practice a little and play a round of golf with my other project, the CEO of Discovery Land Company, Mike Meldman. Kukio is an unbelievable place; besides the incredible views it is the best-conditioned golf course I have ever seen. 

There were so many great scenes from the Hawaii shoot that we probably had enough for two shows. I am really excited about the response that we have gotten from the first two shows. Thanks for watching and tell your friends. The best is yet to come.