Hank Haneys Blog Entry 3


Haney Project Rush Limbaugh Blog Entry #3

So far this year’s Haney Project with Rush Limbaugh has been a lot of fun to film. I think our producer Tom Farrell is doing a really good job of making the show entertaining, interesting and instructional. One of the keys to a show like ours is that it needs to move and have a lot going on. The third show was really a good show in that way I thought. I am pleased that our audience is getting bigger each week, so thanks for watching.

Show Three had a lot of things going on and I thought the producers did a great job of putting that all together. I had a good time watching my wife, Suzanne, at her modeling shoot and it was neat that it happened to be for a company that does artificial putting greens. We also had a couple of scenes from when we got to go and watch Rush do his radio show from his studio in Palm Beach. Regardless of your political affiliation, Rush Limbaugh is the king of radio and it was a cool experience watching someone that great, do his thing. Rush came to Dallas to practice at my golf ranch and we visited a par three course near his house as well.

This show was really the start of my getting to work on Rush’s swing. He visited my Hank Haney Golf Ranch in Dallas, Texas and we got some good work in. We started with some real significant changes in his backswing plane and worked also on his turn through the golf ball. Rush was excited to get to work on that backswing. It is funny because when we started the show he didn’t want to change much at all but then he was all excited to understand what he needed to change in order to improve. I really think Rush is turning into a good student.

We got in a good afternoon of practice at the Palm Beach Par 3 course. It is a public par 3 course that was recently redone by Raymond Floyd and he did a fantastic job on the course; it is special. The course is right on the Atlantic Ocean and if you are ever in Palm Beach it is definitely worth a trip around a great short 18 holes. Rush showed up to practice in a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, and being a Cowboy fan, that set me back a little bit - -ha, ha, ha. Rush must have known something because the Steelers were in the Super Bowl....

I promise every show keeps getting better, so tune in next week.

All the best,