Hank Haneys Blog Entry 6


This has been a great year so far for The Haney Project and one of the things that has made the show so much fun has been that we have gone to a lot of different spots to film the show with Rush. He has been great about giving us the time to film at some really special places.

In this week’s show, we went to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. That is where my Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy is located and I belong to a great Jack Nicklaus golf course down there - - the May River Golf Club at Palmetto Bluff. I wanted to get Rush out of his comfort zone and bring him to a course he hadn’t seen before to see how he would do. I also wanted to work on Rush’s shot selections and May River is a course with some nice opportunities for us to work on those types of things. Unfortunately, we picked a cold, wet winter day to go to Hilton Head, but it just made the challenge even better I guess.

Rush has turned into a great student. I have never taught anyone with a better attitude for learning. He didn’t really start off this way in the show and a lot of people were wondering how committed he was, but he really turned it around. This week’s show is an example of that because it was cold and it was wet and it didn’t phase Rush at all; he was into it. We did a lot of work on the short game and shot selection around the greens and then went out on the golf course to work on some trouble shots. I really like what I am starting to see.  

This week’s show is really an instructional show so everyone that is especially looking for some tips to help their games will get a lot out of this show. As always, thanks a lot for watching and I hope you enjoy the show.

All the best,