Hank Haneys Blog Entry 8


This has been the best year ever for The Haney Project, both from a ratings standpoint and from my side in terms of how much my student improved. I wish the show wasn’t coming to an end but we are definitely ending on a high note. Rush has been a great student and he has really improved.

I wanted the last show to be a kind of celebration for the hard work and improvement that Rush has put in on his game and on the show. So I wanted to take him to my favorite place and Mike Meldman, my friend, my other project and the CEO of Discovery Land Company, was nice enough to let us film the last show at the El Dorado Golf and Beach Club in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. El Dorado is such a special place and you will see why I say that when you see the show. Suzanne and I are lucky enough to have a home at El Dorado and get there as often as we can.

Rush is a more confident golfer than he used to be for sure. I set up a few different challenges for him that would kind of let him know just how much he has improved. I think that is the real first thing that you start to see as a golfer when you are improving, you start to see that you can do things you couldn’t do before in terms of controlling your golf ball. Then you take those skills and you turn them into lower scores on the golf course.

I am going to miss helping Rush. He has really become a special student and I am really proud of the progress that he has made. I know that he is going to keep improving because now he has a real basis for improvement; he has an understanding of his golf swing and golf game and a plan to get better.

Thanks to everyone who has watched The Haney Project this year. We can’t wait to share with all of you as to what is in store for next year on The Haney Project because it is going to be really special.

All the best,