Kristen Park Player profile


Kristen Park 

Hometown: Fullerton, CA                
Graduation: Class of 2011               

2010 Rolex Junior Player of the Year          

2010 AJGA Ping Invitational Champion       

2010 Rolex Tournament of Champions        




Kristen Park, the 2010 Rolex Junior Player of the Year, came up big all year in major tournaments. Park had three impressive victories in 2010. She claimed trophies at the Ping Invitational, Roxex Tournament of Champions, and the Under Armour Hunter Mahan Championship. Park's Ping Invitational victory was capped by a final round 67. The round not only jolted her to a five-shot victory, but it also tied the women's course record at Karsten Creek in Stillwater, Okla.. Park sat down with and talked about some of her hobbies and interests both on and off the course.

Birthplace:  Anaheim, California

Birthday:  December 27, 1992

Favorite Food: Anything besides raw fish, or rare meat. Sushi or medium rare or rare steaks are definite nos for me. I love, love, love dessert. It’s my favorite meal. There’s not a dessert I don’t like.

On your iPod:  OneRepublic, Kid Cudi, Britney Spears

Favorite movie:  500 Days of Summer and  Death at a Funeral

Favorite television show: Criminal Minds

Favorite book: Memoirs of a Geisha

Favorite hobby other than golf: Ping Pong

Favorite store: American Apparel

Dream foursome:  Britney Spears, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tiger Woods

Words to live by:  What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Needs improvement:  Putting and chipping under pressure.

Favorite club:  8 iron

Ballmarker:  Quarter or a tee.

Superstitions:  When I’m warming up and if the third driver I hit is good, then I’m going to play well. I can’t lose my temper while I’m playing. I put exactly seven tees in my hair before I tee off. I hit three short putts before I tee off and I have to make all three of them, or else it won’t be a good round.  I have too many of these superstitions. I might have OCD.

Holes-in-one:  One. It was at the Rolex Tournament of Champions on No. 16

Age you first broke 70: 13

Love to trade places with:  Miley Cyrus

Favorite non-golf athlete:  Allen Iverson

Best thing about traveling to play golf:  Being able to sight-see and eat new things. Also, so I can tell people that I’ve been there before.

Favorite place visited for a tournament:  London

College golf plans:  University of Southern California