Callaway Golf Attire


Callaway clubs provide expertise to a golfers game but now modern Callaway attire can lift the golfers game giving more confidence to a new level.
A few months ago, I learned about the planning, design and construction of the new Fall/Winter 2008 Callaway Golf clothing line for men and women; I also was given a glimpse of their 2009 Spring/Summer. The Callaway design team has created a warm yet bright, modern line with top performance.
The Callaway Golf mens line has a creative, modern punch. The X Series (Hyper X, Techno and Transition) is going to be in high demand. The fit and function focuses on its technology, gives excellent comfort, flexibility and protective cover. The styles are angular cuts, lines, and blocks with rich, vivid colors. Callaway uses a moisture management system along with UV protection and anti-microbial finishes keeping the garment fresh over time. They also use spandex for comfort with a true polyester microfiber yarn that is ever so soft. The dynamics in the technology of creation also resists color fading and shrinking. Some key attire in the X Series is their Monarch Four Way Stretch Water Resistant Pull Over, diverse polos, windshirts, mock necks and tour and cargo pants.

The mens Callaway line has a variety of on the course clothing but they also offer off the course line that gives the male a masculine yet preppy feel with rich, earth tones. Here you will find a Profile Half-Zip Sweater (nutmeg), Heritage Sweater (argyle print) that pair with pants or a pair of jeans. Men, you need to have a few of these items.

Callaway has designed a line for women that will give a sunny disposition with a striking appeal. First, the dynamic Drysport feature has unique wicking and draws moisture to the surface causing it to spread out and dry more quickly. In addition, it has an UPF 15 + and an anti-microbial treatment which helps keep the garment fresh and maintain durability and comfort.
The stylish designs make the womens line pop. The Callaway womens series are Revival, Enchanted, and Luminance. Each has a few highlights that make it their own. Revival has a flashy appeal with multi-blue color, bubble design in Terra and Deann separates that include skorts, long sleeve and short polos. The Enchanted series is architected with a rich, black dynamic incorporating turquoise, gold and white. I'd recommend the Colleen (short sleeve polo), Briana (skort), Gena (long sleeve zip polo), Augusta (long sleeve mock neck) and Elise (long short).

The Luminance series speaks earth tones with luxurious separates and I recommend the Taylor (long sleeve polo), Carlene (long sleeve button down polo), Alana (full zip sweater) and Jeanie (a rich, chocolate brown, nappa leather jacket). Women you can wear the Callaway line on the course, to social/causal events and to travel.
Now to Callaway Golf's Spring/Summer 2009 line, which is bright and refreshing for both the womens and mens line. The color palettes are coral rose, nautical blue, summer blue, evergreen, bright pink and more. They continue excellence in technology performance with the X-Series and X-Series C Tech. Callaway will introduce new wrinkle free cotton performance.

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