Greg Norman Collection


A shark and his school created a creative and clever clothing line than ever before. Yes, I am speaking of Greg Normans golf apparel for men and women. I was first introduced, eight years ago, to Greg Normans line when I was shopping for a pair of black slacks for my husbands birthday. He liked them, I loved them! Since then his wardrobe has included a variety of Gregs clothing.
Fast forward, 2008 PGA Merchandise Show and I am about to enter the Shark Zone. Ever before viewing the clothing, I met Greg Norman. Yes, I thought to myself, THE GREG NORMAN! I was very excited but now it was time to see his clothing line for fall 2008.
My normal impression of Greg Norman apparel is conservative yet classy; however, much to my delight was a creative and artistic flair to which they include in their 2008 line. The men and womens line are bolder with clever patterns and designs. The designs include a modern 80s look, updated 70s, with a mixture of trend and drama for women; and, men, you will see an upbeat, modern and handsome appeal in their pattern and designs. Another perfect ingredient is their cashmere clothing!


Greg Normans Collection (GNC) mens line has a variety of dynamic, performance driven and luxury touch styles which include the Essentials, Performance ' 2 Below, Signature Series, Murano-Isle, Saint German, Cote DAzur and Luxury Ultimate 80s. Each of these styles carry their own signature fashion, technology based performance, comfortable feel and fit. A highlight I saw in their technology is the new G-Tech ingenuity; it is eco-friendly using natural resources without loosing performance. (My husband is ready to try this out!) G-Tech styles include knits, fleece outwear, and luxury herringbone pants. Another very nice feature in the construction of GNC golf shirt is the ML 50 which produces a 30% lighter than average golf shirt with moisture-wicking. Show me a man that does not love feather weight clothing and moisture reflection! Greg Norman apparel is known for the golf course but is also excellent on job for business casual days. Men, you will love the clothing that GNC has made for you.


Ladies, the new outlook GNC has put into their womens fashions is grand! The creative, clever and artistic flair is remarkable. I also enjoy the richness in bold colors that gives confidence. The GNC includes a versatile mix of fashion either as stand alone or working together. The styles are Luxury Ultimate 80s, Performance, and Womens Essentials. I have a piece of the Luxury Ultimate 80s long sleeve polo in Papaya. The color rich, feel is incredible and fit is excellent. I wont be able to try out the performance until the temperatures in Florida reduce quite dramatically but I am sure the performance will be on point.


The technology that creates the mens apparel also creates the womens. The touches the Greg Norman design team includes in their womens line is valued and superb. Here are three of my highlights: the Perfect Fit Skort has an adjustable waistband and ultra lightweight short liner, many of the tops have anti-curl collars and the gold buttons are sensational. The womens line includes golf shirts, skorts, vests, pants, shorts, jackets and sweatshirts.


Have fun selecting your variety of clothing from Greg Norman! You will definitely love all the fantastic improvements which include the tonal teeth signature. The GNC price range is $40.00 to approximately $250.00. You can purchase Greg Norman apparel at many golf retailers, green grass clubs, department stores and online line.
Jamie Yasko-Mangum is the golf fashion and accessories editor for the Golf Channel and she is a certified self-image consultant, corporate training consultant and President of Successful Style & Image, Inc. She recently published two books Look, Speak & Behave, one for women and one for men. Jamie can be reached at (407) 478-6800, email: or Website: