ISISport ' Womens Lifestyle Golf and Resort Attire that Dazzles!
The style dazzles, details are smart, and comfort is luscious, in totality, ISISports Golf and Resort Wear Dazzles! I visited ISIS Sport, at this years PGA Merchandise Show, and was amazed at their womens clothing line. What caught my eye was their sassy yet polished business suit appropriate enough for a business meeting transitioning into golf attire to score your best game. I had to explore this line further!
ISISport is a golf and resort wear line of womens clothing that is stylishly versatile to wear in the office, running errands, vacationing, on the golf course to social hour. Their diversity in style provides women a look from femininity to dramatic appeal from their skorts, crops, shorts, capris and pants to their suits, dresses, tops and sweater sets. Their patterns are unique, dynamic and refreshing while their solids are vivid, rich and energetic. Each time you select their character driven style you will feel confident!


The movement and comfort of ISISport is from their stretch fabrications, highest quality rayon blends woven in the USA and highest quality microfiber fabrications. Their clothes are American made! The combination of all three components provides flexible fit, softness, lightweight and breathable and holds their shape and color under the toughest conditions of heat, tension, repeated washing and drying; which increases performance. Recently I wore their Del Sol Skort (Majorca Collection for Spring 2008) and was delighted in the fit, sleek look and flexibility not to mention the fabulous undershorts!
ISISport creates pieces with distinctive cuts, quality workmanship and exquisite hardware. Their Fall 2008 Collection includes Eclectic Electric, Tour 2 Couture, Berry Cherry and Atelier; quite attractive and appealing. I wore their Red Twisted Sista top with Congo Crop Pants and found each piece unique and quality made. They create tops with a variation of necklines such as the twisted top I just mentioned to keyhole necklines. Their bottom pieces have nifty pockets with jazzy closures. This is only a snapshot of their exclusive pieces.

Their hardwareone wordExquisite! From buttons to ornament zippers, shiny tie rings, and pocket closures is spectacular! The buttons are beautiful, the decorative, shimmery zippers (on their polo shirts) deliver pizzazz, shiny tie rings gave the skorts a classy look and the pocket closures gave each bottom piece a customed look. When you buy a piece of ISISportwear the first detail that will catch your attention is the exquisite hardware.
When you wear ISISport, you will feel sassy smart, which leads you to a better game of golf, or gives you an energetic kick when walking down the street.
I recommend ISIS Golf and Resort Wear for the stylish woman. Every woman needs to have a piece, two, three or more in their wardrobe! An added benefit is their clothes are made in the USA! Their prices range from$ 75.00 to $140.00 depending on the fabric. To purchase or learn more about ISIS Sport go to or call (877) 488-4488.