Specialized golf accessories


Golf accessories can hydrate you, comfort and stabilize your feet, keep you from burning, protect your clubs, shade your eyes, boost energy, show your stylish side and make delicious gift givers. Here is a glimpse of a few golf accessories that are unique and helpful.
Golf Shoes
There is a variety of golf shoes lines but two caught my attention, a classic one and a trendy up and comer.
ECCO Golf Shoes: The new design is comfortable, flexible and snug; they are even water resistant. They use high-grade leather, aggressive technology for performance and stability. One suggestion if you buy a pair, go 1/2 or 1 size larger. To purchase yours go to www.eccousa.com or call 1-800-886-3226.


Croc: The Crocs sandals are a phenomenon and now they have ventured into golf shoes. At first, I was a little suspicious but intrigued. A company known for their very casual sandals entering the world of golf? Well, after wearing their Inspire for women, my suspicions silenced. The Bite golf shoes are extremely lightweight and flexibility is natural. They have a line for women and men from sandal golf shoes to very conservative golf shoes. To purchase yours go to www.crocs.com.

Golf Socks

Eurosocks: Golf socks go overlooked most of the time. You ready yourself for golf, preparing all your clubs, gathering your tees, unpacking new golf balls, etc., and grab a pair of socks. Eurosocks have created a line of golf socks that when grabbing your socks will provide you with comfort and no bulking, wrinkling, sliding down or developing blisters. They provide arch support and have a ventilated channel system. To purchase yours go to www.eurosock.com.

Thirst Quenchers

Camelbak: I realize you might drink an assortment of drinks on the golf course but water is the best hydration refresher. Camelbak has created a water bottle that is BPA free (an unhealthy chemical) and ergonomically and eco-friendly. It can be used for golf or while excersing. The Camelbak water bottle comes in energetic colors and dishwasher friendly. To purchase yours go to www.Camelbak.com.

Golf Club Covers

Luco Sport: My golf club covers have always been UM golf covers (Go Canes!), but I was pleasantly surprised to discover Luco Sport golf covers. They have an original line of golf covers for women and a few choices for men. One of the creative tidbits is they are made in the USA, even the fabric. They are completely machine washable, bleach and fade resistant. To purchase yours go to www.lucosport.com.


Q-Link: For a few years, I have been seeing and hearing about jewelry that pumps up your energy, makes you focus etc., when you play golf and beyond. Q-Link states it has a Biofield that plays a fundamental role in positive physical and mental states. Many Q-Link wearers have complimented the Q-Link saying it improves awareness, calmness, advance focus and stamina, resistance to stress, increase energy and such. To purchase yours go to www.q-linkproducts.com or 1-800-246-2765.

Sun Protector

Caribbean Solutions: Anytime you find my family or me in the sun, you will find me carrying Caribbean Solutions SolGuard, a natural sun guard providing dual protection by absorbing and reflecting UVA and UVB radiation. Caribbean Solutions also carries natural enhancers and healers. To purchase go to www.caribbean-sol.com or call 1-00-460-7363.

Modern Eye Wear with Music

Oakley: Oakley has created a line of eyewear that streams music in your ear. The eyewear is called Oakleys Split THUMPs. They provide excellent protection for the eyes in blinding sun and with the internal MP3 player; no one will know you are listening to music. Modernize your sunglasses with music. To purchase yours go to http://oakley.com/pd/5219.

Golf Grilling Gift

Id Rather Be Grilling: Do you know someone who loves to grill and golf? A unique golf-grilling, golf bucket is perfect, created by Id Rather Be Grilling. They create different suites of gift sets from golf buckets to golf sleeves and beyond that everyone will enjoy. The highlight I find in their gift sets is the custom-blended, savory grill rubs. You will also enjoy the other golf related products and a fun, novelty cookbook. To purchase yours go to www.idratherbegrilling.com.

Golf Purse

Ann Veronica Handprints: Ann Veronica makes golf totes and other stylish totes and accessories that will make you smile. Anns designs are original, naturally hand-crafted and hand-printed. You can custom-make your own which by all standards is original. They are durable yet flexible. Their totes are welcomed on the golf course, on vacation and for everyday style. To purchase yours go to www.annveronica.com.