Tommy Bahama 18 Golf Island Savvy on the Links


Beautiful sand and beaches, radiant sun, flowing palm trees with a refreshing breeze, I am there.. Basking! Wake Up, Wake Up it is a day to play golf!! I love the islands, tropical clothes and now I can combined my love of the islands with golf. I am talking about the 2008 Tommy Bahama 18 Golf line of clothing for women and men. Since 2006, they have introduced us to island, savvy golf attire. Men and women can combine relaxed tropical comfort with their love of golf.
Tommy Bahama is well known for their relaxed, island lifestyle clothing off the green. Now they reached out to the golf community with the same flair. Tommy Bahama 18 Golf keeps their trademark island motif and combines it with a vast selection of golf apparel, outwear and accessories.
I found Tommy Bahama 18 Golf mens line quite appealing! The mens summer line has bright and vibrant colors such as royal blues, admiral with a sprinkle of citrus while their fall/winter colors are rich and vivid such as fedora, Dijon with a twist of twill and brownstone. Tommy Bahama has kept their tropical attitude entwined through their shirts while injecting beautiful solids and alternating tonal stripes. Tommy Bahama has a mixture of character driven shorts such as plaids and cargo while pants have slim line appeal. They created other various mens styles of clothing that include golf outwear and accessories.


Please allow me a moment; I must mention my gratitude to them for their wonderful quality blended fabrics they use in their men and womens line. Tommy Bahama 18 Golf uses high end fabric to create a luscious comfort yet dry feel when playing golf or tooling around on vacation. They create a delightful feel using blends such as silk, herringbone, Tencel, high end cotton, cashmere, and viscose to name a few. Oh, the splendid fabric!
Ladybug Lane, Boardwalk Town, Sunflower Shores, Piccadilly Island am I making a connection with you. These titles are the names of Tommy Bahama 18 Golf womens summer and fall 2008 lines; very tropical savvy! They have injected vivid colors such as red, turquoise, chocolate, pink, sunflower and beautiful pastels of lily purple, heather pink and mint into all their clothing, tops and bottoms. I recently wore their Floral Fade Polo (a combination of pastel sea foam and chocolate) and Sunset Crop Brownstone, loved the comfort and the contrast of the sea foam and chocolate was dynamic! Tommy Bahama has created a variety of exciting styles of clothing for you. Let me give you a glimpse, a paisley ruffle skort, short sleeve fitted hoodie, sassy skorts, perky plaid capris, and a sporty vest to name a few.

Tommy Bahama 18 Golf continues their wonderful tropical, balmy, beachy, Caribbean, exotic and island style clothing and combines golf quality and functionality for the novice to professional man or woman golfer. Their golf lines give you a feel of island style on or off the course. I highly recommend an investment in their line! Their clothing sells retail for tops $60-$125, sweaters $70-$250, bottoms $60-$150 and outwear $110-$200. You can find Tommy Bahama 18 Golf in green grass shops and resorts, Tommy Bahama retail stores and online at
Jamie Yasko-Mangum is the golf fashion and accessories editor for the Golf Channel and she is a certified self-image consultant, corporate training consultant and President of Successful Style & Image, Inc. She recently published two books Look, Speak & Behave, one for women and one for men. Jamie can be reached at (407) 478-6800, email: or Website: