The Social: Jack, Chi Chi and Paige play the hits


One GOAT congratulates another, we almost had another Chi Chi Rodriguez situation and Paige Spiranac hits the biggest party on Tour. We know what you like and we're delivering in this week's edition of The Social.

Roger Federer won his 18th major title over the weekend, beating longtime rival Rafael Nadal in an epic Australian Open final. Another guy with 18 major titles, Jack Nicklaus, took notice and reached out to congratulate Federer on Twitter, Instagram and even made it Facebook official.

Imagine that, 77-year-old Nicklaus crushing the social media game. Maybe in his spare time he can teach Bill Belichick all about SnapFace.

Smylie Kaufman came dangerously close to Chi Chi Rodriguezing himself earlier this week while attempting some bottle-breaking trick shots for charity.

Rodriguez is a World Golf Hall of Fame member with eight PGA Tour wins to his name. However, in this viral-video era we live in today, he will be remembered for this painfully hilarious attempt to break a pain a pane of glass with a golf ball:

The best part of that video will always be the woman immediately asking Chi Chi if he was OK. Chi Chi was not OK.

It’s been a while since we’ve had an idiot on the field at a golf event (insert joke about whichever professional golfer you don’t like here), but one man at the Farmers Insurance Open made a splash this weekend, quite literally.

Thanks to this video from Harold Varner III’s Twitter account, we got to see just what kind of moves it takes to elude security at Torrey Pines. The answer? Just a couple of fake "give-ups" and a jump into the pond:

Varner could use some work on his play-by-play though. Instead of saying nothing at all, maybe something like this iconic call from Kevin Harlan:

Regular golf is fun and all, but sometimes it’s good to shake things up. Well, that "shake" made the rounds on Golf Twitter over the weekend, giving birth to Cricket Golf. While I haven’t seen an official rule book, it appears a man with a cricket bat stands still while two little girls drive a golf ball at his legs and then dance around and celebrate while he writhes in pain on the floor.

Consider me all-in on Cricket Golf.

Aspiring LPGAer Paige Spiranac tweeted that she'll be at golf's biggest party of the year at this week's Waste Management Phoenix Open and that she wants to meet her fans. With nearly 1 million Instagram followers, I hope she's got some extra time on her hands.

For those wondering how in the world you're going to pick her out of the crowd, well, she looks like this:

When you want it to be sweater weather but it's still hot where you live

A photo posted by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee) on

When in Korea, take a selfie #thefaceofjetlag

A photo posted by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee) on

Another "saucy selfie"

A photo posted by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee) on

Shouldn't be too difficult.

We’ve featured Joshua Kelley and his “Hole in 1 Trick Shots” Instagram page on our site before for pretty obvious reasons. Frankly, everything he does is ridiculous. But the shot he posted this week deserves some special recognition.

Driver-flop-shot-under-the-leg-hacky-sack-kick-full-swing-out-of-mid-air combo:

And on top of all that, he did it in slow motion. Guy is a wizard.

By some bizarre combination of one man's determination and Sergio Garcia not knowing Twitter has a block button, the Spaniard will have a new caddie for one day in September at the British Masters pro-am.

After 206 straight days of tweeting at Garcia with the special request to carry his bag, Mark Johnson finally got his wish.

Congrats on the new friend, Sergio.

Sometimes, typo humor is the best humor.