The Social: It's a mad, mad, mad world


Johnny Miller is mad about a 63, Jason Dufner is mad anyone is mad about a 63, and Jon Rahm is just mad. But the WAGs are happy! All that and more in this edition of The Social.

After apparently spending Father’s Day with his kids at the movies, Tiger Woods announced Monday: “I’m currently receiving professional help to manage my medications and the ways that I deal with back pain and a sleep disorder. I want to thank everyone for the amazing outpouring of support and understanding especially fans and players on tour.”

The news comes three weeks after Woods was charged with DUI in South Florida. While the police have not yet released the toxicology report, Tiger told arresting officers that he was on multiple prescription meds.

Naturally, in the year 2017, such an important announcement comes from Twitter via a screenshot of Big Cat's iPhone Notes app.

Everyone who is anyone shows up to major weeks.

That includes all the wives and girlfriends, officially standing by their men.

There was Rickie Fowler with Allison Stokke and the champion Brooks Koepka with Jena Sims.

It's par-tee time!

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But they weren't just there to support their favorite golfers. They also were there to support one another, throwing Sergio Garcia's fiancée, Angela Akins, an impromptu bridal shower.

There are worse ways to spend major weeks.

It wouldn’t be a major week, particularly a U.S. Open, without a little bit of controversy. At Erin Hills, it came in the form of record-low scores, highlighted by Justin Thomas’ 9-under 63 on Saturday.

Thomas said afterward that he wished NBC golf analyst and previous U.S. Open record holder Johnny Miller (8-under 63) had been calling the action, just to see what he said.

Turns out, even on an off-day, Miller was happy to give his opinion, and it was everything you imagined it would be:

“Taking nothing away from 9 under par – 9 under is incredible with U.S. Open pressure. But it isn’t a U.S. Open course that I’m familiar with the way it was set up … a 63 for a par 72 is a heck of a score, even if it was the Milwaukee Open.”

Those comments and the general debate over the quality of 63s didn’t sit well with Jason Dufner, who fired up his Twitter fingers.

Hard to argue with a #getoffmylawn defense from Duf Daddy.

Not to be outdone, Rory McIlroy and Steve Elkington got into a bit of a tiff after Elkington called out the four-time major winner for missing the cut at Erin Hills.

McIlroy responded with a screenshot of his accomplishments from his Wikipedia page. A pretty great clap back to have in your holster, provided, you know, that you have a Wikipedia page.

Of course, this didn't stop Elkington from digging his hole a little deeper, something the former PGA champ has been known to do.

McIlroy was happy to bury him. But if we know anything about Elkington, much like the Terminator, he'll be back.

Tim Tebow just launched his bat into the stands(via @DarenStoltzfus)

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Tebowmania at an all-time high.

Sportsmanship, shmortsmanship ... watching Jon Rahm play angry golf is highly entertaining.

Rahm wasn't exactly pleased with his play at the U.S. Open, and the 22-year-old let everyone know it.

Check out this sequence of events from Day 2 at Erin Hills, where Rahm carded a 1-over 73 and missed the cut.

Imagine if he hadn't made that birdie.

A wild scene unfolded Thursday at the U.S. Open when an advertising blimp crashed just outside Erin Hills, exploding on impact.

The only person on board, the pilot, is expected to recover after suffering serious burns, but the incident had social media buzzing for most of the day, as amateur photographers flooded Twitter with videos and photos of the wreck.


The U.S. Open brought us a smattering of shouts from fans as players teed off. There was the usual, "Get in the hole!" and “Baba Booey!”

But a couple of fans deserve a little recognition for thinking outside the box.

While almost all shouts from the crowd are obnoxious, these two at least made people chuckle.

DMX and Mark Wahlberg, growing the game one shout out at a time.

Leased Nissan Altima, but close.