The Social: Good returns, bad ideas


The fallout from Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest gets all kinds of reaction from both sides, Jason Dufner poses with his newest trophy (and girlfriend) and a Paige Spiranac trick shot goes oh-so wrong for her volunteer. All that and more in this edition of The Social.

Tiger Woods dominated the golf news cycle last week after getting busted for DUI near his home in Jupiter, Fla.

By now, you know the details, have seen the videos and digested the takes. Oh the takes.

But perhaps the most telling opinions came from Tiger’s peers. Much like the average fan, they idolized this guy, he inspired them, and they just want to see him get batter and back on the golf course.

Hard to argue that having a mentally and physically healthy Woods back on the course wouldn’t be best for everyone. What a story of redemption it would be.

Once upon a time (four years ago), Jason Dufner was one of golf’s dullest stars, and we mean that in the most complimentary way. He was fresh off a major win, part of golf’s “IT” couple and using his wide-range of emotions to star in hilarious Funny or Die videos.

Over the weekend he got some of that mojo back, looking very much like his old self, with a Memorial trophy in hand, a new girl on his arm and even something resembling a smile on his face.

So who is this mystery women? Well, they once attended a Cleveland Cavaliers game together and according to CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz, her name is Jessica and … that’s all we know.

So since our investigation has hit a roadblock, now seems like as good a time as any to look back on some of Duf Daddy’s finest moments, like, Vacation Duf. (Click here for more photos)

Ever find yourself tossing and turning at night wondering what ever happened to that adorable dog Dufner used to parent.

Yeah, he’s still living a pretty decent life.

Sitting pretty #bullylife #frenchbulldog #ineedsunglasses

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Adam Scott has politely asked the USGA to lighten up when it comes to setting up Erin Hills for next week’s U.S Open, saying "maybe it's time to do away with the even-par target."

While the USGA hasn’t verbally responded, some recent photos and videos that have surfaced speak volumes.

Quick look at @usga @erinhillsgolf today. This is the 18th tee shot. Par 5 670 yards from back tee!

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Yeah, 2-feet tall rough, nearly 700-yard holes. Good luck with that, guys.

Maybe Phil Mickleson has the best strategy after all.

Smoothest dude in the game. Try not to watch that more than once. You can’t.

This just in. The President of the United States likes to play golf, a lot.

And he’s not big on getting after it alone.

In his short time in office, Donald Trump has played with the likes of Ernie Els, Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, and over the weekend, he added two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Peyton Manning to the list of partners.

You’re not going to believe this, but people were not happy. And then other people were not happy that those people weren’t happy.

And all of these people met up at this awful place called Twitter to air their grievances.

Here’s a sampling:

Just a reminder that this won’t end until somebody pins Frank Costanza.

Your semi-weekly reminder to not volunteer to be a tee, even for a professional golfer.

Paige Spiranac teamed up with Barstool Sports and attempted a trick shot off of Barstool Trent’s backside.

From the looks of the “after” photo, we’re guessing things didn’t go exactly as planned:

This same guy volunteered his face for Spiranac last year, so all things considered, things could be worse, much worse.

Thanks @barstool_sports for a fun day! Don't try at home! #trustexercise

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Genius! Sabatoge your best chance to win an event in over three years so that you can get more face time on TV, because contending and winning wouldn't have done that. Our readers are onto you, Paula. On. To. You.