The Social: For the love of the game


An emotional week at Bay Hill is upon us as everyone honors Arnold Palmer in their own unique way, Andrew "Beef" Johnston continues to entertain on a daily basis and a winter storm turns Times Square into the golf course you never knew you wanted to play. All that and more in this week's edition of The Social.

No matter how you feel about those choosing to skip the Arnold Palmer Invitational – and make no mistake, some people are really, really angry about it – you have to admit that the tributes to The King from everyone at Bay Hill are going to make this week extra special.

Here's a sampling of what we've seen on social media, a list that's guaranteed to grow as the week goes on.

Players aside, leave it up to the pros in advertising to get you tearing up while remembering Palmer. This incredible ad that will tug on your heartstrings during every commercial break this week:

For someone who didn’t actually play any golf, Andrew “Beef” Johnston has had himself a week.

First it was the Meat & Beef Show, where he hung out with John Daly and answered questions from anyone who wanted to ask one.

They talked about everything from their drinks of choice to golfing with presidents to what their hypothetical adult film star names would be. (That would be Slippery Wood and Beef Tip in case you were wondering.)

Hey, some television producer out there, can we make this a thing please?

Then Beef went to work for Sky Sports and interviewed players at the Valspar. As it turns out, he's a better golfer than interviewer, but he did drop a very NSFW F-bomb after screwing up. Can't say the guy doesn't care about the craft.

Stick to your day job Beef

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And what golfer's dream week wouldt be complete without a Jack Nicklaus selfie?

I think my face tells u how excited I was to meet this legend.

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Omg comment " bruh " letter by letter , its impossible

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As most of the East Coast hunkered down with Winter Storm Stella hitting on Monday, the guys from Barstool Sports' "Fore Play" golf podcast decided it would be a good time to go play some golf ... in the middle of Times Square.

And you know what? From the photos, it doesn't look like that crazy of an idea.

Regardless of the outcome, it's hard to argue that any of these shots floating around on the Internet this week were good ideas.

Need proof? Just ask this former model's butt cheeks.

Unnecessary consumption methods. #TFM

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Not a lot of people trust me anymore

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Say what you will about Yoyoyo, but hard to argue with that point.