Case closed game on


Case closed in my book.

You may or may not have believed Tiger Woods’ answers Monday from Augusta National, but he sat there for 34-minutes in front of the world and answered each question with a calmness not usually seen from golf’s biggest draw. There wasn’t a time when he said, “no comment.” Then, when it was done, there wasn’t one question left that I felt needs to be answered. Perhaps a question could’ve been asked again about how much his inner circle knew of all of his infidelities. It doesn’t bother me though.

He began by apologizing to his fellow players for being bombarded about questions regarding Tiger over the past four months. Steroids were mentioned, as were prescription drugs and the details of the night of the car crash after Thanksgiving. Tiger remained unflappable.

Woods admitted that he wasn’t nervous sitting with the media, and it showed. It showed when he wandered into the interview room through the same door as the media has moments earlier. Normally, the interviewee enters the room from a back door, and walks directly up to the podium.

But this is a new Tiger. Now, it’s time to let the man do what he was born to do.