GolfChannelcom new and improved


Welcome to the new and improved
After a year in its previous format, we believed that the Web site was in need of a little polishing. Sure, it was only a year, but in todays world, if youre not moving forward youre falling behind.
Here are some of the improvements that you will notice:
  • The main features gallery has been expanded significantly for easier viewing. Thumbnails have been moved from a vertical to horizontal position, which will highlight top stories and videos more and showcase the accompanying photography. The headlines on the gallery images are now white and on a darker background, which will make it easier to read.
  • To make it easier to find the most updated content, we have moved the news headlines from the middle, center of the page into the top right corner. Now, when visiting, there will be 10 headlines ready to view before even making your first move. From an editorial standpoint, this is perhaps our most important improvement. Plus, in that same headline area, weve added a top videos tab so that we more prominently display our video.
  • Weve also simplified the navigation so that its easier to find what youre looking for. Notice the addition of the tournaments, leaderboards and video tabs. These enhancements will help you get to the weeks most pertinent information with just one click.
    Of course there are more changes, but we wanted to fill you in on a few of the bigger improvements. Look for more changes throughout the year.
    We hope you enjoy the update. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.