The kids are back: Bring Your Child to Work Day


Brady and Gracie Coffin at Bring Your Child to Work Day

ORLANDO, Fla. – Thursday is our annual Bring Your Child to Work Day at Golf Channel. It’s a place where you think you can lay low until you realize that half the staff knows all the crazy things your children have done over the past year because you’ve blabbed it all over Facebook. Oh well…

For the fourth consecutive year my daughter Gracie – now 10, and in fifth grade – has penned a golf story. My third-grade son Brady, 9, isn’t as verbose as his sister, but you can tell by his work that he has class-clown capabilities. 

Here is their unedited work (And here is last year’s work):


The Masters just ended about 3 weeks ago. It was at Augusta, Georgia. At the beginning of the Masters I was sure that Jordan Spieth was going to win. But after his big meltdown he had, I changed my mind.

My dad was texting my mom, “Are you watching? Jordan just blew it by hitting two balls in the water.”

I went to the bring your child to work day meeting this morning. The person who told us about what you do here at Golf Channel was Mike McCarley, he is the president of Golf Channel. He said that his least favorite thing about his job are the days when he has too many meetings and emails. I don’t get the email part, that would be my favorite part of my job since it has to do with the internet and being on electronics. His favorite days are when he is not stuck in his office and he is walking around talking to his employees. He wanted to be an Olympic track and field athlete. That is nothing like a president of Golf Channel.

Speaking of the Olympics. I heard that the Olympics are in Rio, Brazil in 99 days. I really wished that my dad was here to watch it with me but he has to do what he has to do. He has to go to the Olympics and cover golf. Golf is back for the first time in more than 100 years. Yay.


I love coming to my dad’s work. It’s a lot of fun.

I practice golf with my dad a lot because I’m going to do the Drive, Chip, and Putt. My chipping coach is my dad. It’s probably a bad idea because I beat him at every chipping contest. My driving is really good. My putting is kind of good.

I was on a billboard in Augusta, Georgia. My dad sent it to my teacher and she showed it to my whole class. Everybody thought that I was an amazing golfer.

P.S. the guy that was walking right next to me was my fake dad named Jeremy.