Tiger faces press more testy questions


ST. ANDREWS, Scotland – Tiger Woods visited the interview room Tuesday at the Open Championship, a much-anticipated meeting mostly because of a contentious interview session he had a week ago in Ireland at the J.P. McManus Pro-Am. Many were anxious to see how this visit would go since it’s the first time he’s been to Scotland since his recent travails and the British press is known for asking much more difficult, pointed questions.

The interview could be labeled as predictable. Woods was asked direct questions about the status of his marriage, if he feels he will ever be able to rebuild his image and again about his meeting with the Feds regarding his relationship with Canadian doctor Anthony Galea. Most answers were given with as little information as possible.

“I’m trying to become a better person,” was the canned line that was used several times.

The other questions that were sprinkled in were about his expectations this week and his switch to a new putter after more than 12 years with the old.