Jerry Weintraub Hollywood Royalty


Jerry Weintraub is a legend who ranks as real Hollywood royalty. Every single star in the music or entertainment business in the past four decades has dealt with him, and if they are lucky, has played golf with him. Everyone is his friend because he has spent a lifetime earning the good will and trust of his peers and colleagues, something that comes out in conversation and in interviews. Even Presidents consider him a friend as he and President George H. W. Bush have enjoyed a long and close relationship. Yet for all that he has accomplished, he is very humble and is quick to say the movies he has developed are a success because of the writers and actors. It takes all ingredients to be successful, and he never includes himself or is boastful.

Jerry plays golf with the same zest he pursues in business. A good player, he is a golf addict who gets out on the course as much as he can. The game allows him to relax and enjoy himself, something he also likes to do in his amazing home in Palm Springs, California. The house is located in a beautiful setting on a golf course, and is filled with memorabilia from many of Jerry’s films. We did the interview there and he was kind enough to not only share his home, but stories of what has gone on in the film and music business. I enjoyed his company very much, and being with him was not only a joy, but an education. I hope the viewers will enjoy the story as much as I did.

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