Woods not back not yet


PARAMUS, N.J. – The next time someone starts talking about how Tiger Woods is 'back,' feel free to remind them – or me, for that matter – about his opening tee shot in the third round of the 2010 Barclays. En route to to the Golf Channel stage from the TV compound late Saturday afternoon, I asked Merrick, our on-site runner this week, to take the cart up the left side of the first fairway.

Like an old lady rubbernecking over some six-car accident on the interstate, I had to see how bad the shot was.

I would say it was three-ambulanace bad.

When asked about the soaring snap hook that vanished into one of Ridgewood's maintenance parking lots, leading to a triple bogey, Woods said he 'got caught between two swings.' Yeah, right. His and mine.

From holding a share of the Barclays' 18-hole lead to needing a decent final round just to remain alive in the FedEx Cup playoffs, Tiger's summer-long struggles are a healthy reminder of just how good he really was. For a really, really long time.