Spotlight Article Laconia NH


There was a competition last week in Guilford, New Hampshire. It was not just kids competing against each other in golf, but it was The Golf Channels Jr. Golf Program competing against Bike Week. Over 100,000 bikers were in the Laconia area for New Hampshires version of Bike Week. There were even a couple of actors in the crowd. Steve from 90210 was in town riding his bike along with all the others. Even though the kids were competing against the bikers, they all did a tremendous job at this event.
The Jr. Golf Skills Competition was held at Pheasant Ridge Golf Club on Wednesday, June 13, 2001 were over 100 Jr. Golfers tested their skills in hopes of reaching the Regional Finals at Cyprian Keyes Golf Club in Boylston, MA. Nine golfers had their skills in top form for this event and will be competing on July 1 for a shot at becoming National Finalists.
This event could not have run any smoother without the support and help of Jim Swarthout and his staff at Pheasant Ridge and Terry Hicks and his staff at MetroCast Cablevision. It is very exciting to say that we will be back at Pheasant Ridge in the year 2002.