SPOTLIGHT - Riverside


This spotlight article is highlighting the kindness of an extremely unique kid. William Will Golden is an eleven year old, fifth grader from Riverside, California. The Golf Channel got to meet Will at The Golf Channels Drive, Chip & Putt Jr. Golf Skills Competition in Riverside, California on Saturday, April 28, at General Old Golf Course. After Will had an impressive first place finish in the 11-12 year old division at the local event, we sat down to talk with him. Wearing his Titleist Bucket Hat and his Oakley Shades, we asked Will a little bit about himself.
Will told us that he has been playing golf for seven years and he learned by watching his older brother, Dave. Will also told us that he loves his Titleist 981 irons, which he played with to win a tournament. Will has also participated in The World Juniors and the VJGA International tournaments. When Will was asked who his hero was, he said, Superman, because he is strong. (We know that if Superman played golf, he would used Titleist Clubs too!)
Will Golden skateboards, does his homework, and hangs out with his friends just like any other eleven year old, but Will is not your average eleven year old kid. When Will outgrew his old set of clubs, instead of just throwing them into the closet or selling them for money, Will gave them to a kid who could not afford to buy golf clubs. When Will talked with The Golf Channel, he did not brag about this awesome act of kindness, but we found out from a board member of the event in Riverside.
Listen to this, remember the Titleist Bucket Hat and the Oakley Shades that Will wears, well they are part of the story too. When Will was at The Tournament clinic day, Dennis Paulson, a Touring Professional heard about Wills act of kindness, and gave Will his Oakley Shades. Now Will wears the shades on top of his Titleist Bucket Hat and when he grows a little bigger, he will be able to wear Dennis Paulsons shades.
All of us at The Golf Channel were so impressed with Wills act of kindness, that we wanted to share his story with you, in the hopes that someday you will share something of yours with a kid less fortunate than you. It seems appropriate the Wills last name is Golden, not only because the spotlight is shining on Will, but because his inspiration shines a light on what The Golf Channels Drive, Chip & Putt Events are meant to do, make a difference in the life of a child, just like you!