The 10 Minute Workout - Week 3


Back Basics
The number one injury in golf is the back, specifically the lumbar spine. The shear explosive nature of the golf swing requires tremendous strength and flexibility in the muscles of the back and core. The Back Basics series is perfect for your pre and post round workouts.
This weeks series is very comprehensive (six poses targeting your lumbar spine, thoracic spine, hips and gluts) and is designed for all levels, including older golfers. Focus on deep breathing, in and out through the nose. Move from one pose directly to the next without stopping. This style of yoga will help you with proprioception and focus.
Here we go!
Extension stretch and knee to chest pose:

Katherine Roberts

Begin on your back and simply stretch the arms above the head. Focus on elongating from the belly through the hands and feet.
Katherine Roberts

Inhale deeply and on the exhalation bring the knee to the forehead wrapping your hands around your knee. Switch sides and repeat five times on each side.
Dynamic rotation:

Katherine Roberts

Bring your heels to your gluts, feet flat on the floor. Note: For the Eagle level, lift the feet off the floor.
Katherine Roberts

Inhale as you engage your abdominals and move the legs to the left. Exhale as you bring your legs back to center. Switch sides and repeat five to ten times.
Dynamic window washers:

Katherine Roberts

This is a great pose to increase your hip mobility! Begin with the feet placed wider than your yoga mat.
Katherine Roberts

Inhale and allow your knees to fall to the left. Exhale as you bring the legs back to center. Focus on initiating the rotation from the oblique abdominals. Switch sides and repeat five to ten times in each direction.
Seated rotation:

Katherine Roberts

This pose can be practiced sitting on a chair or a balance ball. Cross your left over your right knee. If seated on the floor maintain the connection of the left foot and the floor. Place the left hand behind your back and use the left arm as support. Bring the right hand on the outside of the left knee. Inhale and you lengthen the spine, exhale and twist. Repeat five times and switch sides.
Extended table pose:
Par to Eagle levels

Katherine Roberts

Begin on all fours and draw the navel towards the spine generating support for the lumbar spine.
Katherine Roberts

Extend the right leg and left arm. Hold for five breaths (Par level). Extend the leg to the right and the arm to the left. Hold for three more breaths (Eagle level). Switch sides.
Locust pose:

Katherine Roberts

Begin on your belly with the palms and tops of the feet on the floor. Inhale as you squeeze the legs together, activate the gluts and pull your navel towards the spine.
Katherine Roberts

Exhale and lift the chest and hands off the floor. Focus on the lumbar and thoracic spine. Hold for three breaths, relax and repeat three times. Move into a childs pose as the counter stretch.
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See you on the tee! Katherine
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