The 10 Minute Workout - Week 4


Your Core
I will admit that I am a research junkie. I love to read the latest scientific research on the biomechanics of the golf swing. An article in the American Journal of Sports Medicine (volume 24 / number 4, July/August 1996) analyzed the trunk or core musculature in professional golfers. The study evaluated the muscle activity in 13 male professional golfers during the golf swing and although the golfers differed in stature and strength there were reproducible patterns of trunk muscle activity. The study concludes the necessity for strong core / trunk stabilizing muscles to acheive maximum power.
Over the last three weeks we rolled out the ten minute warm-up and back basics yoga postures. This week we will adds the ten minute core workout. Time permitting, include this abdominal core program with the back basics and you will have a comprehensive core program.
What you can expect from the Ten Minute Core Work-out:
  • More Power
  • More Consistency
  • More Endurance
    Here we go!
    Core Stabilization with block over head:

    Katherine Roberts

    Par Level: Hold the block over your head with the arms placed at a forty-five degree angle. Squeeze the block as you engage the shoulder and lat muscles. Bend the knees and press the navel AND ribcage against the floor.
    Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

    Maintain this action in the core as you begin to slowly lift the feet off the floor one leg at a time. Repeat twenty times on each side.
    Boat pose:

    Katherine Roberts

    Par Level: Begin with the knees bent and feet on the floor. Extend the arms and lift the chest. Roll the upper body towards the floor until you feel your abdominals fully engage. Hold for five to ten breaths.
    Katherine Roberts

    Birdie Level: Lift the feet off the floor and bend the knees at a ninety degree angle. Hold for another ten breaths.
    Katherine Roberts

    Eagle Level: Place a weighted ball in your hands and the feet back on the floor. Originate the twisting movement from the oblique abdominals. Twist to the right and left twenty times.
    Plank pose with pikes on the ball:

    Katherine Roberts

    Birdie Level: Place the ball under your quads and remain in the plank position as you draw the navel towards the spine. Hold for ten breaths. Do not allow your low back to sink towards the floor.
    Katherine Roberts

    Eagle Level: Keep the hips parallel to the floor as you draw the knees towards the chest in your exhalation. Repeat five to ten times.
    Side angle stretch pose:

    Katherine Roberts

    I practice this stretch everyday! Place the right knee directly under the hip and place the right hand directly under the shoulder. Extend the left leg and press the left leg towards the floor. Focus on the stretch in the front of the body and take the left arm over the head. Hold for ten deep breaths.
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