The 10 Minute Workout - Week 5


Powerful Legs!
During Game On, (airing on The Golf Channel) I worked with Ashley Prange, winner of the Big Break V on developing a fitness program to prepare her for her LPGA exemption. When I work with my professional golfers I always begin with a series of physical assessments. My methodologies help me to uncover mobility, stability and coordination strengths as well as deficits. One of Ashleys strengths are her powerful legs and gluts. This strength helps her generate a tremendous amount of power and distance.
This week we add the ten minute leg workout designed to help you develop more strength in the lower body. Time permitting; include this program with the warm-up, back basics and core program. If you are short on time, alternate your workouts. Here are a few suggestions:
Always start with the warm-up sequence and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday practice the back basics and core. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday substitute the back basics with the lower body program.
What you can expect from the Ten Minute Powerful Leg Work-out:
  • More
  • Power and distance

  • Better balance

  • More push-off power

  • More extension in the finish position
Lets get started!
Lunge with club:

Katherine Roberts

Step the right foot forward, maintaining a ninety degree angle in the right leg. Place the left foot back approximately one leg length behind you. Lift the left heel off the floor and focus on the stretch in the left foot and arch. Inhale as you lower your body towards the floor and hold for three breaths. Repeat ten times and switch sides.
Tip: Pull your navel towards your spine and maintain an upright posture.
Hamstring stretch with club:

Katherine Roberts

Move directly from the lunge position and roll onto the right heel. Flex the foot towards you. On the exhale, hinge at the hips and lower the chest towards the knee. Hold for three breaths, repeat five times and switch sides.
Tip: Pull the right hip back so your chest is folding directly over the knee.
Supine glut / hamstring lifts on the ball:

Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

Place the legs together and the heels on the ball. Inhale as you squeeze the legs together and engage the gluts. Lift the hips on the exhale. Hole for three breaths and repeat five times.
Tip: Do not allow the lumbar spine to arch.
Pigeon pose on the ball:

Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

Place the left foot on the ball and the right foot on the outside of the left knee. Press the navel towards the spine to stabilize the core. On the exhalation roll the ball towards you focusing on the stretch in the right external hip rotators. Repeat ten times and switch sides.
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