The 10 Minute Workout - Week 7


Reduce Fatigue
This week I have been asked to present my golf fitness programs at the World Amateur Golf Championships in Myrtle Beach, SC. Thousands of golfers from all over the world come together to compete in their various flights and to share their competitive passion for the game. They will play for five consecutive days in extreme heat and humidity.
Many of the players have been preparing physically and mentally for the tournament. Consider the physical stress of one round of golf ' the 3-4 mile walk, more than 100 swings (including practice swings) standing over 30-40 putts. Now consider the additional physical fatigue caused by the mental pressure of competition.
This weeks post-round conditioning yoga sequence is intended to reduce fatigue whether you are in competition, a weekend golf warrior or embarking on a golf holiday.
The benefits of the post-round series are as follows:
  • Reduces the onset of lactic acid ' the primary cause of soreness

  • Reduces fatigue in the lower extremities

  • Maintains flexibility on the lumbar spine and intercostals
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Here we go!
Supine twist supported with blocks:

Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

On your back bring the heel as close as possible to the gluts. Cross your right leg over your left and allow your legs to fall to the left. Maintain connection of the shoulder to the floor. Place a block under your knees and rest for three minutes. Switch sides.
Supported bridge pose:

Katherine Roberts

Place the feet close to the gluts, engage the gluts and lift the hips as high as possible. Place the block under the tail bone, NOT the low back. Roll the shoulders back, palms towards the ceiling. Focus on the stretch in the front of the body ' the quads, hips and chest. Rest for three minutes.
To come out of this pose, squeeze the gluts, lift the hips off the block and articulate the spine to the floor.
Supine groin stretch / bound angle pose:

Katherine Roberts

On your back bring the soles of your feet together and place the feet as close to the groin as possible. Support your knees with yoga blocks or towels and support your head with a towel. Roll the shoulders back and place the palms open. Rest for three to five minutes.
To come out of this pose use your hands to bring the knees back together.
Inversion / legs up the wall pose:

Katherine Roberts

Bring the gluts as close as possible to the wall. Swing the legs so they are not on the wall. Keep the hips and low back on the floor. Rest for three to five minutes.
Tip: Great pose for those golfers who experience discomfort in the hips, knees and feet after the round.
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