Are you over 50 and losing distance


A well known research study evaluated the factors effecting club head speed in older golfers. The median age of the golfers tested was 64.5. They found two major physical factors effecting club head speed ' flexibility in the torso and upper body strength. The study proves that by targeting these two areas of the body they were able to increase club head speed, thus distance, a significant challenge for senior golfers.
Over the next few weeks I will teach you a number of exercises designed to increase the range of motion in your torso and build upper body strength, thus providing you the opportunity to increase your club head speed and distance.
The last two weeks have targeted flexibility in the torso and upper body strength. This week we go back to increasing flexibility in the trunk and shoulders.
Revolving side angle twist

I love this stretch because you can really feel the large muscles of the back, the lats and shoulders working in this stretch.

Par level:
Begin seated on a chair and place your right hand on the outside of your left knee.
Pull your navel in, lift the ribcage up and on your exhale rotate from the base of your spine. Note: the more you press your hand into your knee the more you will feel the stretch up to your shoulder. Hold for five deep breaths and switch sides. Repeat three times.

Revolving side angle twist par level

Birdie level:
Begin with your left leg at a ninety degree angle and your right knee is on the floor.
Place your right hand on your left knee and on your exhalation twist to the left. Repeat five times, hold for thirty seconds and switch sides.

Revolving side angle twistbirdie level

Eagle level:
Place your right elbow on the outside of your left knee. Place the palms together and lift out of your right shoulder. Hold for ten deep breaths and switch sides. Note: focus on the stretch originating from your spine and lift your right shoulder away from your right ear. Switch sides.

Revolving side angle twist Eagle level


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