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Cardiovascular conditioning is essential to maintaining strength and endurance for eighteen holes. We know that physical and mental fatigue directly affect your performance.
According to a study from Europe's leading medical research institute playing golf (walking courses) can prolong ones life by as much as five years. The study, conducted on 300,000 golfers by a team of researchers from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, found that active golfers (who walk courses and do not use carts) cut down their death rate by 40% regardless of sex, age and social group, which equates to five extra years of life!
Golfers generally walk more than six km during a single 18-hole round, burn about 1,000 calories, specifically if you walk a course with varying terrains.
Note: Here is a partial list of no-cart walking courses:
Chechessee Creek Club, Okatie, SC, (this is a wonderful course just outside of Hilton Head) Huron Hills Golf Course, Ann Arbor, MI; & Old Memorial Golf Course, Tampa, Florida.
Tips for walking:
Draw the navel towards the spine, lift the ribcage and roll the shoulders back. Strike the entire foot, heel to toe. Lift the head so the eyes focus on the horizon. Lead your gait with your core, not your head. Breathewalking is a form of meditation, helps to quiet the mind and develop a rhythm to your game.
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What is the appropriate level of intensity?
A simple formula for selecting appropriate exercise intensity is to train at about 70 percent of your estimated maximum heart rate. You can easily approximate this by subtracting your age from 220, and exercising hard enough that your heart rate is about 70 percent of this number. In addition to monitoring your heart rate you should be able to carry on a conversation without much effort during your workout.
Studies prove that interval cardio conditioning is more effective than walking on a flat, consistent surface for a longer period of time. Because of this research I practice interval cardio training and today I will share my workout with you. Note: You must receive written approval from your physician before beginning any cardio program.

Here you go!
5 minutes, speed 3.0-3.9, (speed depends on your fitness level) incline starts at 0.0 and finishes at 3.0.
3 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 5.0
5 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 2.0
3 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 6.0-8.0
2 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 2.0
4 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 6.0-8.0
3 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 2.0
2 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 8.0
4 minutes, speed 2.5-3.0, incline 0.0
See you on The Turn!

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