Back to Basics - Week 1 of 4


Back to Basics - Week 1 of 4

Welcome to “Back to Basics”, a four week series of basic, effective yoga poses. Each week I will teach you the following:

  1. Two to three yoga poses
  1. Instruct you on the proper alignment of each pose.
  1. Discuss the muscles effected in each pose.
  1. Provide you with the DIRECT GOLF BENEFIT of the pose.


Practice these poses everyday or every other day for maximum benefits.

Remember to breathe deeply in each pose, in and out through the nose.

Hold each pose for five to ten breaths depending on your fitness level.

Remember that you should never experience pain, slight discomfort is acceptable.

Please feel free to e-mail me @ and I will personally answer all your inquiries.

Good luck and stay in touch!

Here we go!

Cat/Cow Pose


Targets muscles of the entire back, hip mobility, strengthens the hands and glutes.

Reduces back pain, provides more mobility in the spine and increases hip action at impact.

Begin on all fours, hands placed directly under the shoulders, knees under the hips.

Spread the fingers as wide as possible.

Inhale as you press your spine towards the floor, roll your shoulders back and away from your ears.

Exhale as you pull your navel towards your spine, engage your glutes,press your spine towards the ceiling and tuck your chin into your chest.

Repeat ten times in each direction.

Katherine Roberts

Cobra Pose


Strengthens back muscles and glutes. Increase flexibility in the tops of the feet. Strengthens the hands and upper arms.

Building back muscles as part of a core strengthening program facilitates a consistent spine angle through the swing plane.

Begin in a prone position, legs together, feet pointed and hands placed next to your chest.  Inhale, engage your glutes and lift your chest off the floor.  Exhale and lower your body back down to the floor.  Note: keep your elbows next to your body “like a cricket”.

Repeat five to ten times.

Katherine Roberts

Downward Facing Dog Pose


Strengthens the hands, wrists and shoulders. Stretches hamstrings and achilles. 

Facilitates more club control at the top of the backswing and supports a powerful wrist angle during the downswing.

Begin on all fours, hands placed at the edges of your yoga mat. Spread your hands as wide as possible, curl your toes under and lift your hips up. Relax your head and neck.

Note: feel as if you are pressing your hands forward and your hips are pressing back. 

Hold for five to ten breaths.  Rest for one minute and repeat three times.

Katherine Roberts
See you next week!



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