Backing Up Your Golf Swing


Low back injuries, on and off the golf course account for the millions of work days lost and for the extensive need for prescription pain relievers. Factors contributing to back pain include obesity and lack of strength in the abdominals and back muscles. The repetitive nature of the golf swing can also contribute to back pain.
This yoga pose called Extended table pose will strengthen the erector spinae or back muscles. In our Yoga for Golfers classes I use this pose as part of entire core conditioning sequence but this is an effective exercise for building strength as a single pose.
Some golf benefits of the extended table pose include:
Increase speed in the golf swing.
Increase power and distance.
Reduce risk of injury.
Increase muscular endurance.
Before you begin the back exercises draw the navel towards the spine and engage the buttocks. This will support the low back allowing you to move deeper, or increase the intensity in the pose.
Table pose with one leg extended:

Yoga for Golfers - Extended Table pose preparation

On all fours, draw the navel towards the spine. Engage the buttocks, pressing the right leg straight back. Flex the foot, toes and hips pointing towards the ground. Feel the gluts and back muscles working. Hold for five to ten breaths and switch sides.
Fully extended Table pose:

Yoga for Golfers - Extended Table pose

Begin on all fours and draw navel towards spine providing additional support for the spine. Inhale, begin by lifting the right leg up, hip pointing towards the floor. Exahle, slowly lift the left arm extending through the hand. Hold for five to ten breaths lifting the leg and arm as high as possible without arching the back.

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