Basics of Stretching - Week 2


Your Lower Body
Last week I presented to you a new series called the basics of stretching including guidelines for a successful yoga practice. My intention is to provide you with a simplistic, comprehensive series of yoga based flexibility exercises or poses targeting the entire body. Begin with week one and now add this week to your program. For optimum results, practice your flexibility conditioning four to five days a week.
As in our new DVD , More Power and Distance, this series on the basics of stretching is divided into sections targeting the lower body, core and upper body.
Lets get started with the lower body!
Window washers:
Katherine Roberts

Katherine Roberts

Place your feet wider than your yoga mat. Inhale and allow the legs to fall to the left. Exhale and return to the starting position. Switch sides and repeat five to ten times in each direction.
Dynamic pigeon pose with the Golf Gym balance ball:
Katherine Roberts

Katherine Roberts

On your back place the left heel on the ball and the right ankle over the left knee. Inhale and pull the ball towards you, exhale and return to the starting position. Focus on the stretch in the right glut. Repeat five times, hold for five breaths and switch sides.

Hamstring stretch with a yoga strap:
On your back, place the yoga strap around the right foot and lift the right leg off the floor. Extend the left leg towards the floor. Slightly bend the right leg on the inhalation and on your exhalation extend your right leg so the leg is as straight as possible. Repeat five times and switch sides.
Tip: Flex both feet, spread the toes as wide as possible and engage or flex the quads.
Frog pose:
Katherine Roberts

Separate the knees and place the hips and knees at a ninety degree angle. Lower the hips as close as possible to the floor. Place the elbows directly under the shoulders and relax the neck. Hold for one minute and repeat three times.
Tip: Pull the navel towards the spine supporting the back.
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