Better posture at address the cure for C posture


The following is a partial excerpt from my new book Swing Flaws and Fitness Fixes with swing analysis by Hank Haney.

“Swinging the club is like swinging an axe. You do not hit with it; you accelerate with it”.

Peter Thompson 

“C” Posture - Swing Flaw

Posture at address is the foundation from which your swing is built. Like the foundation of a house, a proper set up and good posture is fundamental for building the dynamic phase of your swing. You would not purchase a house that was built on a cracked foundation and you should not build a golf swing on a foundation of poor posture.

“C posture” is one of the most common physical restrictions I see in my golfers. Defined as a rounded back or slumped shoulders, kyphosis is when the thoracic spine resembles the letter “C”. Golfers with kyphosis often present with a forward head position. These two issues restrict efficient spinal mobility.  In my opinion “C” posture is primarily a by-product of our sedentary lifestyle. Sitting too much, the aging process, and an imbalanced fitness program (heavy upper body lifting without flexibility conditioning) create an imbalance in the chest and upper back musculature.

The “C” posture solution is perhaps one that is best described as needing flexibility in the anterior body and strength in the posterior body. Mobility in the thoracic spine is essential, specifically the ability to generate extension. Without proper balance in the thoracic spine you will find it difficult to rotate the spine, specifically the ability to generate the “X” factor, separation of the shoulder to the hips, causing loss of posture, loss of power and consistency. The good news is that proper posture may increase your spinal rotation by as much as 30%.

This video tip will help you alleviate your “C” posture and give you the opportunity for a bigger arc and more turn in your swing.

Katherine Roberts:  C - Posture Swing Flaw

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